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BALLY Bally 1938 double Bell    
BALLY Bally 5000 Plus installation Manual    
BALLY Bally Bezel LCD    
BALLY Bally Double Progressive    
BALLY Bally Electromechanical Front Door    
BALLY Bally Electromechanical Handle    
BALLY Bally Electromechanical Reel    
BALLY Bally Electromechanical Relays    
BALLY Bally Power Supply      
BALLY Bally Reel Assy Back Light LED    
BALLY Bally Trouble shooting guide    
BALLY Electromechanical Into  Part 2    
BALLY Electromechanical Into  Part 3    
BALLY Electromechanical Into  Part 5    
BALLY Electromechanical Into  Part 1    
BALLY Electromechanical Into  Part 4    
Bench Tech -      Bench tech is only as good as the parts guy
Bill accepter     Cash Flow
Bill accepter I/O     Cash Flow I/O
Coin Mech     CC16
Coins     Fast Feeding
Dummy Load     Dummy Load
EMBOSSER Embosser    
E-Prom       burning e-prom with X-Pro-1
E-Prom       Data Man
E-Prom       Description
Harness     Main testing harness for the 960 tester
HOME REPAIR 8-Channel DVR    
HOME REPAIR Belkin Router    
HOME REPAIR Ethylene Glycol    
HOME REPAIR Projection TV GE52GW947 Replaced Fly back
HOME REPAIR     CyberHome DVD player
IGT IGT 960 Tester Part 1    
IGT IGT 960 Tester Part 2    
IGT IGT 960 Tester Part 3    
IGT IGT 960 Tester Part 4    
IGT IGT Error 61    
IGT IGT PE Video game resetting    
IGT Player edge plus    
IGT Player edge s plus repair    
IGT Ballast     Ballast
IGT Barcrest      Barcrest display
IGT Trim line     Fan
Job  Places that I have worked   Africa
Job  Places that I have worked   Nicaragua
Job  Places that I have worked   Savannah Lady
Job  Places that I have worked   TDC
Kobertron      Procedures
LEDs GameTek LED   Back light Kits
MARS     Mars cash flow with the JCM Sentry
MARS     Mars Flash program
MILLS Mills    
MILLS Mills    
MILLS Mills    
MILLS Mills Bell    
MILLS Mills model M    
Monitor Part 1   CM2125  Part 1
Monitor Part 2   CM2125  Part 2
Monitor Part 3   CM2125  Part 3
Monitor Part 4   CM2125  Part 4
Monitor Part 5   CM2125  Part 5
Monitor Part 6   CM2125  Part 6
Monitor Part 7   CM2125  Part 7
Monitor CRT 17" Wells Gardner some problems come from the power supply
Monitor CRT 19" Wells Gardner Bounded Touch Screen
Monitor CRT Ceronix 1493
Monitor CRT Ceronix 1490 1492
Monitor CRT Ceronix repair log
Monitor CRT Ceronix  1793 Horizontal Adjust
Monitor CRT Discharge CRT Danger High Voltage
Monitor CRT Kortek 1703 - 1903 Black out
Monitor CRT Kortek 1703 - 1903 Dim & Sync
Monitor CRT Kortek 1703 - 1903 Hear a ZIP on power up
Monitor CRT Kortek 1703 - 1903 Horizontal Tare
Monitor CRT Kortek 1703 - 1903 Horizontal won't adjust to full screen
Monitor CRT Kortek 1703 - 1903 Jail Bars
Monitor CRT Kortek 1703 - 1903 Jumping
Monitor CRT Kortek 1703 - 1903 Pincushion
Monitor CRT Kortek 1703 - 1903 Power Problem
Monitor CRT Kortek 1703 - 1903 retrace lines
Monitor CRT Kortek 1703 - 1903 Static on screen
Monitor CRT Kortek 1703 - 1903 too much blue
Monitor CRT Kortek 1703 - 1903 Top Roll of Game Select is bigger
Monitor CRT Kortek 1703 - 1903 Vert Deflection not full screen
Monitor CRT Sigma  
Monitor CRT   Invert the picture
Monitor CRT   Repair log
Monitor GD-S17-11G   replaced inverter
Monitor Kortek KTL201S   Bad Power Supply
Monitor LCD 40" Kortek  
Monitor LCD Fusitsu 1st bar top LCD
Monitor LCD GD-S19-41G Game Display CCFL to LEDs
Monitor LCD KTL201S-01 List of parts Kortek
Monitor LCD KTL201S-01 Smoked A/D Board
Monitor LCD KTL201S-03 List of Parts  Kortek
Monitor LCD KTLS32WT Kortek
Monitor LCD L20RA50E2W53A02 Tatung
Monitor LCD L2165MT2BY List of Parts  Bally Tovis
Monitor LCD L26LD352W73A3 List of Parts Bally Tatung
Monitor LCD LCD18-009 Kristel
Monitor LCD LCD22-A04 Kristel
Monitor LCD LCD22-A04…a kristel
Monitor LCD   AESI sold 19" LCD
Monitor LCD   Typical Problems
Monitor LCD22-A01   Bad inverter and fan
Monitor     replacing touch screen
Monitor     CM2125 LCD pin to pin
Monitor     CM2125  
Monitor  LCD LCD19-001  
Monitor Games Display Touch screen replacement   New touch screen different MFG
Mother Board IGT Bar top IGT Bar top Connectors (note to self use this one)
OHMS LAW ohms Law - Pie ohms Law - Pie  
Player tracking ACRES Line tester ACRES Line tester  
Player tracking Bank Controller   replaced power supply
Player tracking Card Reader Card Reader  
Player tracking Nexgen display Nexgen display CCFL to LED replacement
Player tracking Nexgen how to Nexgen how to  
Player tracking VFD IGT Bar Top common problems
Player tracking     Scoping out SDS lines
Player tracking     SDS on Sigma Slant top
Power Supply IGT 40009001   I should assume this is too old to fix
Power Supply Kortek LCD    
Power Supply Power supply CP CP   
Power Supply Power Supply YH YH  
Power Supply Progressive   verity units
Power Supply WBA    
Power Supply Williams    
Power Supply YH1361A   Replaced C42 C41 1000 uF 10v
Power Supply   AL-D500EXP Computer ATX P/S
Power Supply   CP-9826 IGT Games
Power Supply   JCM  
Power Supply   KT-PS60PF For KTL190-02
Power Supply   LFZVC65SG24S52 Bally
Power Supply   LSE0107A1240 For Games Display LCD Monitor
Power Supply   MCP8011  
Power Supply   WP203F11  
Power supply   YH-1361A  
Power Supply   YH-2351B common problem
Power Supply   YH-2351B  
Power Supply     Bally
Printer Gen 1 Daughter card What I have found and fixed
Printer Gen 2 Jumpers for netplex or RS232
Printer   FLI Future logic how to guide
Progressive Copy Of Tropicana (Progressive /SDS)    
Progressive Mikohn progressive rate    
Progressive Mikohn progressive      
Progressive PalTronics    
Progressive PSP progressive IBM ThinkPad    
RIGHTS employee rights poster    
Sencore     39B274A Adapter
TDC - TAKASAGO PSL Manual = Takasago Part 1    
TDC - TAKASAGO PSL Manual = Takasago Part 2    
TDC - TAKASAGO PSL Manual = Takasago Part 3    
TDC - TAKASAGO PSL Manual = Takasago Part 4    
TDC - TAKASAGO PSL Manual = Takasago Part 5    
TDC - TAKASAGO PSL Manual = Takasago Part 6    
Tester CM2125   Analyzer to test LCD Screens
Testing Tech     Not Actual Test
Tool Bent Screwdriver   E-prom removal
Tool Bit Holder   parts from quick Jack
Tool Cheap Bench Tech tool    I see it now
Tool Screwdrivers   Old Tubular Keys
Tool     Slot tech tools
TRUCK Truck problem Brakes    Had to fix my SUV
WMS WMS Buttons AVI    
WMS WMS OLED Button    

WMS OLED Buttons

When converting SSSG-000-14xx to SSSG-000-15xx (or higher) you will convert from v2.xx to v3.xx.

  • Upload the controller (panel) first
  • Then upload the buttons


When converting SSSG-000-15xx (or higher) to SSSG-000-14xx you will convert from v3.xx to v2.xx.

  • Upload the buttons first
  • Then upload the controller (panel)

Upgrading the OLED panel from v3.xx to v3.03 requires only the panel to be upgraded… not the buttons… the buttons can

remain any v3.xx. When upgrading any OLED to v3.xx ensure that you upgrade the panel to v3.03

Downgrade from 3.09 to [2.03 or 3.02] Follow the downgrade procedure

Print & read

 WMS OLED Button Panel Firmware V3.09 to V2.03 Downgrade




You will need, WMS USBTestCommTool V3.07

 WMS USBTestCommTool V3.07 setup



Do not forget to use the NEW DLL, enclosed in the Zip file is a readme txt and the DLL

Please take a moment to read it.

 New DLL for USBTestComm 3.07

1. Copy the file Upr13BtnPanel.dll into the USB Test Com tool installation directory. This

     Is the directory that contains the file USBTestComm.exe. In most cases, this will be

     C:\Program Files\WMS Gaming\WMS_USBTestCommTool_v3.XX

  2. Since the previous version of this file already exists in the tool directory, you will

     Receive a Windows file overwrite warning box. Click 'yes' or 'OK' to copy the new dll file.


This how I installed the program & updated the DLL Click here



When Downgrade from 3.09 to [2.03 or 3.02]

  • Upload the controller (panel) first with V3.09
  • Then upload the buttons with B1.02 – this will return the button to factory settings
  • From this point you can upgrade to 2.03 or 3.02 etc

 I call this the FIX -


btn boot install B1.02



Below is firmware



Firmware Button & Panel V2.03

Firmware Button & Panel V3.02

Firmware Button V3.06

Firmware Panel V3.03

Firmware Button 3.06 Panel 3.09


When I get a OLED panel in the shop I first

1) check the LEDs to insure all 4 are let.

If they are not, could be a drink spell

I have very good luck just cleaning the OLED switches, and they work.

May have a Bad OLED switch that will also take down the panel.


This is what I do on the computer click here

 Final test is in a game.


Hope this helps you


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